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The Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017 place great emphasis on employers providing suitable information, instruction and training to everyone involved in the use of ionising radiation.

If your company uses equipment such as X-ray generators or radioactive sources then you are a 'radiation employer' and you are involved, whether you are a senior manager, safety officer, foreman or a technician directly using the equipment.

NDT MainCal Courses

NDT MainCal has developed the following courses to meet the needs of people who work with ionising radiation, whatever their level of involvement may be:



Company directors, senior managers, employees not directly working with radiation

Subjects covered:

  • What is ionising radiation?
  • What are the risks?
  • Responsibilities of a radiation employer
  • Complying with IRR99


Who should attend?

Company directors, senior managers, employees not directly working with radiation

Subjects covered:

  • Basic concepts of radiation
  • Types of equipment used
  • Quantities and units
  • Biological effects of radiation
  • Dose measurement and recording
  • Practical radiation protection
  • Emergency procedures
  • Transport of radioactive substances

Drivers transporting radioactive sealed sources

Under conditions where a full 'ADR' hazardous goods licence is not required for transport of radioactive material, e.g. a type 'A' industrial radiography source, the employer must still provide appropriate training for the driver.

Our radiation training safety course is designed to help the employer fulfil this obligation. Topics covered include; an overview of the transport regulations, packaging and labelling, transport documents, vehicle placarding, driver responsibilities and emergency plans.

Non-return of a radioactive source to its container

In the practice of industrial radiography, there is significant risk of a sealed source failing to return to its container. The employer must prepare contingency plans for such a situation and must ensure that adequate training is given to anyone likely to be involved.

Our radiation safety training course has been prepared to help an employer meet this requirement. Topics covered include; causes and prevention of non-return, immediate actions, emergency equipment, recovery plans, stay-time calculations, dosimetry and reporting. A practical session on source recovery can also be arranged.

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