NDT MainCal Price List



Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors Calibration to EN 22232-1:2020 Group 2 Tests

EN 12668-1:2010 Group 2 Tests (legacy)

UKAS Calibration: Single Filter – £157.00                 Non UKAS  Single Filter – £119.00

UKAS each additional filter – £13.00                      Non UKAS each additional filter – £11.00

(On site calibration – subject to call out fees) – POA


Ultrasonic Thickness Meters Calibrated for accuracy – £107.00

Bond Testers Calibrated to manufacturers specification – £236.00

Woodpecker Calibrated to manufacturers specification – £99.00


MPI Bench Units etc Calibrated to BS EN 9934-3/ASTM E1444 etc Calibration at our Laboratory – £125.00

UKAS Calibration of MPI Bench Units at our Laboratory – £150.00

On site calibration – Price On Application – POA

MPI AC/DC Magnetic Yokes / Permanent Magnet
Tested to BS EN 9934-3/BS 6072 etc – £38.00

Demagnetisation Coils Tested for magnetic field strength/ uniformity – £38.00

Stand Alone MPI Shot Timers Calibrated for accuracy – £65.00

Magnetic Field Meters

Analogue Clock Type Calibrated for accuracy – £86.00

UKAS Calibration of Analogue Clock Type Calibrated for accuracy – £129.00

Electronic Type Calibrated for accuracy – with 1 probe – £129.00

Electronic Type Calibrated for accuracy – with 2 probes – £193.00


Dual Radiometer (Black Light)/Photometer (White Light) Calibrated for accuracy* – £210.00

Radiometers (Black Light) Calibrated for accuracy* – £105.00

Photometers (White Light) Calibrated for accuracy (lux or foot candle or candela)* – £105.00

Photometers (White Light) Calibrated for accuracy (lux or foot candle & candela)* – £143.00

Photometers (White Light) Calibrated for accuracy (lux & foot candle)* – £143.00

Photometers (White Light) Calibrated for accuracy (lux & foot candle & candela)* – £172.00

*AccuMAX light meters are subject to a supplementary charge of £21.00 per sensor if adjustment is required.

*AccuPro light meters are subject to a supplementary charge of £42.00 per unit if adjustment is required.

These charges are to cover the licence fee levied by the light meter manufacturer on calibration adjustments and may be subject to change.


Radiation Survey meters – Periodic Test carried out in accordance with IRR 17 & ACOP/Guidance – £85.00

Radiation Contamination meters – Periodic Test carried out in accordance with IRR 17 & ACOP/Guidance  £85.00

Personal Electronic Dosimeters – Periodic Test carried out in accordance with IRR 17 & ACOP/Guidance  £85.00

Quartz Fibre Dosimeters – Periodic Test carried out in accordance with IRR 17 & ACOP/Guidance – £85.00

X-Ray Focal Spot Measurement in accordance with BS EN 12543-2  £97.00

Densitometers Calibrated to ASME V requirements  £76.00


Temperature Measurement Equipment

i) Analogue temperature gauge/electronic thermometers with integral probe – £58.00

Calibrated for accuracy 0-100ºC

ii) Electronic thermometers calibrated for accuracy by simulation (-50ºC to 1200ºC) – £74.00

iii) As above + probe verification (0-100ºC) – £84.00

UKAS Water Temperature Indicator 1ºC to 55ºC – £66.00

UKAS Drying/Process Ovens Calibrated for tempertature controller stability over temperature indicator accuracy based on ASTM E1417, single set point in the range of 45ºC to 75ºC £103.00

Each additional set point in the rance of 45ºC to 75ºC – £103.00

UKAS Drying/Process Ovens 5 point oven survey (Rolls Royce etc) from – £132.00

UKAS Pressure Gauge Calibrated for accuracy (0-100PSI) £55.00

Process Timers Calibrated for accuracy  £33.00


Clamp Meters Calibrated for accuracy – clamp current only – £76.00

Coating Thickness Meters Calibrated for accuracy  £93.00

Eddy Current Test Equipment;

Calibrated for compliance with manufacturers specification in respect of eddy current test functions  £162.00

UKAS Calibration IAW Maincal procedure based on ISO 15548-1:2013 – £200.00


1402/PROC: Calibration of Meter & Blocks to requirements of MIL-STD-1537C using Boeing/NIST traceable Secondary reference standards. For compliance, at least 2 blocks including 1 x 25-32% and 1 x 38-62%.

Meter & 1 block – Boeing only – £190.00

Each additional block – Boeing only  £22.00

1404/PROC: Operating blocks sent independently, certified to EN2004.

1 block – Boeing or NPL  £71.00                                       UKAS Boeing or NPL  £89.00

Each additional block – Boeing or NPL  £22.00             UKAS Boeing or NPL  £36.00

1 block – Boeing & NPL  £124.00                                      UKAS Boeing & NPL – £178.00

Each additional Block – Boeing & NPL  £33.00              UKAS Boeing & NPL  – £72.00

1405/PROC: Meter & Blocks to EN2004, complies with NADCAP heat treatment checklist.

Meter & 1 block – Boeing or NPL  £190.00                         UKAS Boeing or NPL  £233.00

Each additional block – Boeing or NPL  £22.00                UKAS Boeing or NPL  £36.00

Meter & 1 block – Boeing & NPL  £334.00                          UKAS Boeing & NPL – £466.00

Each additional block  £33.00                                             UKAS Boeing & NPL – £72.00

1406/PROC: Meter sent independently tested against Boeing or NPL reference blocks.

1 x Meter – Boeing or NPL  £110.00                                     UKAS Boeing or NPL  £132.00

1 x Meter – Boeing & NPL  £192.00                                UKAS Boeing & NPL – £264.00

Block re-work: if required  £79.00/hr, charged at 1/2hr increments



BNC to BNC – £27.00 each

BNC to Microdot  £31.00 each

BNC to Subvis – £35.00 each

Lemo to Subvis  £30.00 each

Lemo to Lemo  £35.00 each

Lemo to Microdot  £45.00 each

Mini-Lemo to Microdot  £38.00 each

Mini-Lemo to Mini-Lemo  £31.00 each

Mini Lemo to Subvis  £31.00 each

Lemo to Mini-Lemo  £31.00 each

BNC to Mini-Lemo  £38.00 each


BNC to Lemo – £27.00 each

Mini-Lemo to BNC – £27.00 each


Autosigma 3000 Probe Cable – £86.00 each

Photometers (White Light) Iso-Tech LUX  £215.00

0-20,000 lux / 0-2,000 fc Accuracy ±3% ±5 LSD Supplied with full calibration certificate

Battery Packs – refurbished / supply  POA

Battery Chargers – replacement battery chargers  POA


New Bulb – £135.00

New Bulb including fitting & recalibration – £245.00


3 Stage LED Illuminated Warning Signs with siren 24VDC – compliant with IRR 17 Requirements – £420.00

Interlock Unit for the interfacing of X-ray set to door switches, warning signs etc  POA

Interface lead to connect X-ray set to Interlock unit  POA

Fixed Gamma Alarm  £577.00


1) All orders are accepted on NDT Maincal “Terms and Conditions” of supply unless otherwise agreed in writing by NDT Maincal. A copy of the “Terms and Conditions” are available at the bottom of our web site, you can view and print them by visiting www.maincal.com

Alternatively, a copy will be sent to you upon request.

2) The above calibration prices are for standard calibrations carried out in accordance with Maincal procedures, paid for on NDT Maincal’s 30 day payment terms.
We reserve the right to quote for customer specific requirements including calibration requirements, quality, Health & safety requirements & payment terms.
In order for us to provide an accurate quotation all such requirements should be included in requests for quotation.

3) All prices exclude V.A.T.

4) Minimum order charge – £48.00

5) Standard mainland UK carriage charge (next day carrier) per consignment up to 20kg.  £18.00

6) Items delivered outside the UK are subject to the following charges:

6.1) £84.00 administration charge per consignment.

6.2) Non UK shipments are subject to a Minimum Order Value (MOV) of £630.00 per shipment.

6.3) Return carriage charged at cost or customer to arrange their own carriage.

7) We endeavour to calibrate items within 2 working days from receipt.

8) Discounts are available on larger contract orders and for non-end users

9) NDT MainCal Ltd is ISO 9001 registered for the calibration of all NDT equipment.

10) All calibrations are traceable to national or international standards unless otherwise stated.

11) All prices are subject to change without notice.

12) Errors and omissions excepted.


12) Travel costs for site work are charged per mile – £0.57

12.1) Plus travel rates per hour  £79.00

13) Subsistence on jobs requiring overnight stops is normally charged at cost  POA

14) Labour rate per hour  £79.00